Trim Trees Back to Keep Them From Growing Out of Control

We offer local tree services throughout the Knoxville, TN area

Trees can give your property an attractive natural appearance, but they can also block out the sun and crowd your house. If you need tree removal services, just contact Nick's Tree Service. Our local tree service is committed to taking care of all your tree care needs, from ordinary trimming to complete removals. We have the tools and training needed to take on all your tree-related problems.

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Count on us to remove trees the safe way

When we carry out tree removal services, we're always careful to bring the tree down with care to avoid property damage. Our tree removal company has the equipment needed to provide safe, efficient tree removals.

We can also handle:

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What makes Nick's Tree Service your best choice?

After 20 years of experience, our crew knows how to take care of all kinds of tree services. We work at both homes and commercial properties, and we're fully insured. Once we're done, your yard will look like no one was ever there. Call now to get a free quote.